Each body of work has a story

Horizons: These images were shot mainly at my oceanfront home in Pacifica, California. I have always been fascinated by the horizon, imagining the edge of the earth, and it was a dream of mine to one day live on the ocean. Being able to see the amazing changes in pattern, light, and color every moment of the day was a true inspiration, and for the six years I lived on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I truly enjoyed documenting the ever-shifting natural beauty out over the water.

Redwoods: I have long had a fascination with these monster trees. The largest living things in the world, they inspire a sense of awe and perspective, reminding us to be humble amidst their magnificence. Because I am fortunate to live in Northern California, I have made repeated trips to the various groves of coastal redwoods.  
Costa Rica: These images were shot in the rainforests of the Osa Penninsula and the Piedras Blancas Nature Reserve. My guide and I bushwhacked through miles of jungle every day, looking for the most massive trees and unusual shapes. We were chased up a tree by a pack of wild boar, waded through rivers with cayman crocodiles, hiked trails with giant jaguar footprints, and saw foot-wide anaconda snake trails slithering across our path. 
Italy: I explored the legendary beauty of Italy for six months, during which time I traveled its entire length and breadth, from Cortina D'Ampezzo near the Swiss border, to the town of Ericé in Sicily looking across the Mediterranean at Tunisia in North Africa, from Portofino on the Ligurian coast, to the Tremiti islands in the Adriatic Sea. I traveled alone, seeking out the quiet beauty of light and texture. Even 20 years later, these images are some of my strongest work.
Angkor: Visiting this ancient city was a dream come true. I spent two weeks exploring the ruins with the help of a local guide. We would get to the temple complex before dawn, shoot for a few hours, then I'd return to the hotel for lunch and a nap, avoiding the heat and the tourists of midday, and then return in the afternoon, shooting until after sunset. Many of these images have the kind of directionless light only available pre-dawn and post-sunset. 
Landscape: From my earliest days as a student trying to emulate Adams and Weston, to my current passion for environmental preservation, I have always been drawn to the majestic beauty of the natural landscape.  
Fire: Photographed in the space of about ten minutes, a group of western backpackers put on a "fire dance" performance at a beachfront tourist bar in Thailand, on the island of Phi Phi Don.
Nudes: Over the space of about six years, I photographed numerous models, using exclusively natural light at my apartment in San Francisco. I found myself being drawn into abstractions, focusing on shape and form, the results of which are different from anything I have done before or since.
Objects: It is an ongoing project of mine to photograph found organic objects, from driftwood and rocks that look like creatures, to simple flowers I find in the suburbs. Stay tuned for more...
Bokor Casino: The French Colonial ruins of the Bokor Hotel and Casino are high atop Bokor Mountain, overlooking the southern coast of Cambodia. This structure has been abandoned for many years, and was also a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam War era. It has a ghostly darkness to it, but also a crumbling beauty which echoes its former glory.
Flint Ink: This work was all shot in the space of a single day. A small group of photographers was invited by the developer to document the graffiti and decay of this old ink factory in Berkeley, before it was renovated and made into modern live/work lofts. 
Angel Island: This is the old Immigration Station Hospital on Angel Island, in the San Francisco Bay. Immigrants would stop and be quarantined here upon their arrival at the main point of debarkation on the West Coast during the heyday of migrant relocation to the USA.
Abstracts: From the old bunkers in the Marin Headlands to the worn shop floor of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, I like to find patterns, shapes, and details within the worn surfaces of the world around me.